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Erectile Dysfunction Compounding

Clearpoint Pharmacy specializes in compounding rapid dissolve tablets for the treatment of Erectile dysfunction.


These rapid dissolve tablets are absorbed by the soft tissues in the mouth. By bypassing the stomach and the liver, the drug gets into the bloodstream much faster.


This allows to use a lower dose of drug possibly reducing any potential side effects.


Although the oral tablet requires about 45 minutes to have an effect and may even take a longer period of time when taken with a large meal, compounded rapid dissolve tablets are effective in as little as 10 minutes.


Their effect is also independent of when the last meal was eaten.


Rapid dissolve tablets should not be swallowed for maximum efficacy but should be held in the mouth either under the tongue or against the cheek. 

To learn more about Rapid Dissolving tablets for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction cited in a clinical study click here. 


If you or your physician, would like any information about our compounded Rapid Dissolve tablets for Erectile dysfunction, please don’t hesitate to contact our pharmacy team.


Please speak with your health care provider before using any medication for Erectile Dysfunction.

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