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A State of the Art Compounding Facility Specializing in Sterile and Non-Sterile Compounding


Compounding Pharmacy


Accredited & Licensed

Clearpoint Pharmacy is an accredited licensed compounding pharmacy by the Ontario College of Pharmacists.


All pharmacy personnel are trained through PCCA to meet the highest standards of the compounding guidelines


NAPRA Compliant

Our state of the art facility is compliant with all NAPRA guidelines for compounding pharmacies and ensures that we deliver high quality medications using safe and consistent processes.


Our Sterile Compounding Lab meets the USP 797 requirements.


Our Laboratory uses laminar flow hoods as well as HEPA-filtered, externally vented containment hoods. These hoods are housed in a negative pressure lab with a minimum of twelve air exchanges per hour as per NAPRA guidelines.

Quality Control Workers Examining Pills

Quality Control

Our product preparation adheres to a stringent evaluation process at each step. We ensure complete documentation throughout the preparation of our products to ensure consistency and effective tracking.

Three pharmacists

Exceptional Service

At Clearpoint Pharmacy, we are committed to providing you with the best possible service. Whether you are filling a regular prescription, or a compounded medication, we will always make sure that you are receiving the best care and service from our team.   


Professionally Affiliated

Clearpoint is a proud PCCA member, which is one of the largest compounding associations for compounding pharmacies. 

Our team advocates for a customized approach to dispensing medication for our patients.

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